Hot Stone Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy is an amazing therapeutic ritual that when placed on a specific point, dissolves stress, muscle tension, eases acute and chronic problems thus inducing a feeling of well being harmony.

Vibrosaun 30 mins $35
The vibrosaun combines dry sauna & vibration in lying position & simulates the effect of exercising or massage. In a gentle and soothing way, the vibration relaxes the muscles whilst the introduction of the heat dilates the blood vessels, thereby increasing the heat & pulse rate. This in turn increases the blood flow & intake of oxygen. The blood cells use oxygen to burn up carbohydrates such as starch & hence burn up the fat cells.


Body Shaper
Theraputic Vibrosaun 15 sessions for $350

Herma Sea Clay Slim Wrap
Herma Sea Clay Slim Wrap will firm and tighten the skin to give instant inch loss. A process that produces results by detoxifying and countouring your body.

Infra Red Sauna
Health Benefits:
Burn Calories
Skin Improvements
Muscle relief with comforting with deep warm rays

What is infra red sauna?
An infrared sauna is a sauna that heats a person. It is different to a normal sauna in that they do not use steam to heat the air. Rather, they use infrared waves to directly heat the person. These waves penetrate into the body, raising the body temperature. This causes sweating which in turn eliminates wastes from the body. The infrared heat penetrates deep into pores and cleans out dirt and debris, as well as clearing the organs of toxins, and strengthening the immune system.