Foot Reflexology
Do you know you have all the pressure points at soles of the feet? It reflects to the deep relaxation of the body system. It relieves tensions and relaxes you, giving you the best sense of well being. Foot reflexology is never to be missed if you have not experienced one.

Body detox through feet

The foot spa detox is an amazing cleansing method for detoxifying your entire body by bathing your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ions.

It functions by activating the cells, improving your metabolism and detoxifying all the organs, making the body restore health, enhance immunity, prevent pathogens and ultimately renewing the body and mind. During the 30 mins the foot spa will begin to rebalance the positive and negative ions in your body.

Hand Care
Soft hands with parrafin wax 20 mins
Manicure with parrafin wax treatment
Detail Manicure for Men
Gel overlay
Artificial Gel nails Full set
Hydrating Hand Care
French Manicure
Deluxe treatment available - Polish/Nail Art

Mini Pedicure 30 minutes
Soak, file, shape, cuticle work, nail polish
Lie back and relax with a complete light massage. Foot soak, nail, cuticle tidy togther with nail polished, exfoliate, dry and callused skin removed.
Foot Detox
Amazing body detox by bathing the feet in ionic water. It is a sense of wellness therapy which relaxes and soothes while the water colour changes showing the process of detoxing.
Foot Reflexology 10 mins / 15 mins
Hand/feet Hydrating Care (Foot Treatment Extra)
Deluxe Spa Pedicure and Reflexology
Total foot treatment with foot scrub, file, shape and removal of callused skin together with a check on the condition of nails. Relax the foot with a soothing foot reflexology and mask.(intensive callused peel with alpha Hydroxyl foot serum Extra $15.00)
Foot Therapy
Give your feet the treatment they deserve by carrying us everyday.Start with natural herbal foot soak followed by foot exfoliating using natural earth product scrub, nail file, shape cuticle tidy, removal dry skin and calluses. Total relaxation with a full foot and leg massage with a rich hydrating cream, leaving your feet feeling fabulous.