Soft Skin 30mins $45
Indulge the skin with deep cleansing action of Marine Gumming Cleanser leaving the skin feeling supple and soft again; Embrace the skin with the softening, toning, remineralising and regenerative properties of the marine mask, leaving your skin clearer and more radiant.

Ear Candling - An Alternative Therapy
Ear Candling is an alternative used today as a gentle way to improve circulation & clean the ear wax. Candling is a homeopathic remedy that has been used by Egyptians & Native Americans to relieve pressure in sinuses and ears & to improve balance. There's no discomfort; in fact, most people find the process very relaxing and soothing.

Sparkling Eyes 45 mins - $45
Like to keep your eyes looking young and eradicate traces of tiredness. This intense eye control therapy with Marine Mask and Ger-Lift will act as a tonic and reduce signs of fatigue. With light effleurage, Ger-Lift gives you immediate relief and a ?face lift? effect banishing your ?crow?s feet?, wrinkles and bags. . . . Your eyes will now be bright and sparkling.

Youthful Glow 60mins - $65
Revitalize your skin. Deep cleansing with Marine Gumming Cleanser prepares for the Marine Mask, a natural regenerator to restore your skin?s tone. A modelage with Ger-Lift, a tensor effect cream, makes the skin suppler, firm and smooth, softening the signs of ageing. The Marine Essence Mask made from a compound of nutritional algae will complete the deep regeneration of your skin. You will be recharged and relaxed and your skin will radiate youth and serenity.

Ocean Breeze Therapy 90 mins - $139
A serene treatment starts the journey with a delicate preparation of full body exfoliation with herbs and essential oils. Bath with sea minerals that relax the body, with a personalized hydrotherapy program during which you will unwind, relax and de-stress. Balanced with a gently lymphatic massage to soothe the tissue and rejuvenate the skin feeling supple, shinning and smooth.

Harmony Dream 180 mins - $295
Welcome with a warm tropical tea & get ready for a wellness treatment that begins with the benefits of the sea salt exfoliation, rich in anti-oxidants properties which is gently massaged into the body to exfoliate dead cells & soften the tensions & cellulite. Wrapped with seaweed mud, relax in the inside of a cozy Stream ?Dream Cocoon? & be gently massaged with Vichy shower leaving the skin smooth and soft. The skin is enriched with a hydration cream massage leaving your body moisturized & tension free. Splendor the treatment with a spa facial & relaxing scalp, feeling relaxed from top to toe, leaving a memory experience at JC Unique Spa.

Package Includes:

  • Body exfoliation
  • Steam & Sauna
  • Vichy massage
  • Ante fatigue properties to stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Stress relief scalp massage
  • Full body hydration massage

Slimmers Delight 60 mins - $125
Be indulged with pure essential oil & full body exfoliation, and cleansed with slimming /chromo therapy bath. You feel trim, tone and stress free. Enjoy a GERnetic beauty oil massage leaving you feeling relaxed and skin soft and radiant.

De Stress Island Body Wrap  90 mins - $125
Unwind with a full body exfoliation with Himalaya?s mineral salts & tone with a detox seaweed body wrap. To moisturize and rejuvenate, with the hydrating body massage, you'll feel revitalized like you've been on holidays. Add a full body exfoliation using Himalayan mineral salts - famous for their health-giving properties (+$60.00)


Royal Treatment 110mins - $165
Welcome with a warm towel and refreshing drink. Change into a comfortable gown and get ready for an ultimate facial and neck/scalp massage to give instant visible difference for all skin types. Soothes the back with a self healing mud pack on the spinal column to erase tension & induce relaxation. While the mask is on, the hand and foot is soften and moisturized with a hand and foot massage. This luxurious treatment makes you feel pampered like a royal.

Antiageing Facial 90 mins
Fight the signs of ageing with our Celebrity Oxygen/Vitamin facial or rejuvenating laser facial. This treatment has a stabilizing effect and encourages the formation of new cell life and firm tissues. Those who insist on graceful ageing with healthy skin will appreciate this treatment.

Baths  Grape, Orange, Seaweed  45 mins - $110

Spoil yourself with hydrotherapy/chromo therapy love baths that balance and improve the
body functions

Bath 1: Flower Relaxing - Refresh and Uplifting
Helps elimination of fluid retention.

Bath 2: Balancing ? Anti-stress ? Well being
Benefits to skin problems such as; psoriasis, eczema, rosacea. Excellent anti-stress product.

Bath 3: Slimming - Detoxifying
Helps to increase metabolism and elimination of toxins. Excellent for weight loss program.

Bath 4:Indulgence and Beauty? Anti age
Unique innovation in the art of bathing. Helps to prevent the ageing structural tissues and strengthens blood vessels.

Skin Glow  90 mins - $99
Silken the skin with sea salt & jojoba scrub. Enjoy the steam sauna. Complete with massage cream with essential oil, revitalizes, cleans and oxygenates your skin, restoring its softness and radiance.

Pure Body Indulgence 120 mins - $199
A cocoon of pleasure. . . . . Combining the renewing properties of the mineral salt body scrub and a grape body wrap with the powerful anti-ageing properties of pure micronised grape pulp. A cocoon steam infuses the potent cocktail of anti-oxidants, to be then complimented by a body massage using GERn?c?s beauty oil, leaving your skin totally rejuvenated and feeling a sense of well being.

Intraceutical Oxygen Facial  - $129
Your skin will 'glow'?like baby skin!
Look amazing at every age with our oxygen facial (oxygen-glow). It has proven that many celebrities have oxygen facials to keep them looking best and feeling young. Our oxygen facial is a complexion reviver. Infusing concentrated minerals, antioxidants and vitamins including A, C and E onto your skin to rapidly revitalise and lift the tired, aging or sallow skin. Seeing is believing.